Willow Basketry

There are many elements to basketry, below are some that I make and teach

Basketry is an amazingly addictive and relaxing traditional craft. Each basket you make will be unique and has a specific purpose whether it’s a range of large baskets for a production company that will sit on the sides of streets in films and programmes helping to set the scene or a humble lunch basket specifically for you, there are baskets that will fit your purpose.

Basketry for industry

Basketry is still very relevant in today’s society, its used by the Fire Service, film industry, agriculture, commercial gardening and more.

I think we have forgotten very quickly just how widely used basketry has been. Most people in today’s society wont come in contact with a basket in their work environment. Even in our personal lives we use plastic bags over a sustainable alternative such as baskets.

The baskets here went to a film production company and now grace a film set. You’ll be surprised just how many baskets head that way!

Basketry in today’s society

I made these giant sized bee skeps for a private client. They are a garden ornament but use a traditional basketry weave called coiling. As well as the practical aspect of basketry you can also use it in sculpture and decoration. Many light shades are made with willow in the most fantastical designs. See my gallery page for some examples.

Different types of weaves in traditional basketry

I made the willow apples with plants growing through them using a random weave, this is commonly used to make more sculptural baskets. You can also have Stake and Strand Basketry, this is like the baskets at the front in the banner. The other three types commonly I commonly use are Framed basketry, coiled basketry and square work.

You can see examples of there in my gallery or on my workshop page.

Willow Coffins

Beautiful and handmade, my willow coffins are weaved to your specific measurements. These environmentally friendly pieces are elegant and sustainable. I use a mixture of willow from my own coppices in Yorkshire and some bought in from Somerset, there are a range of designs and colours you can order.

If you would like to add something personal to the coffin this can be arranged in the quiet of my workshop. Depending on the willow you would prefer in your design the lead time for a bespoke coffin is 5 to 10 days as some willow takes longer than other types to soak and it takes 4 days to make the coffin. I can also make Ash Caskets and can personalise your purchases with pyrography (both lettering and drawings).

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