Living Willow

What you can make with living willow

I have created many living willow structures and taught a great many people how to create them and maintain them.

The great thing about living willow is that is so versatile, you can make virtually anything you want, your imagination is just about your only limit.

I have 2 coppices and grow about 35 different varieties of willow. Each variety has its own unique properties making it ideal for living willow structures, basketry, sculpture or fencing. I tend to harvest my willow December to February when the sap is down and the leaves have fallen off.

Living willow structure

Living Willow can be enjoyed by everyone, a lot of people think it is mainly for Schools but the picture here is from an ‘In Bloom’ group who wanted to transform an old willow tree stump that had been looking messy into something useful for the community on a walkway.

I came out to them and with my help they made this wrap around living willow walkway.

Living willow sculpture made by a group

This living willow structure was made by probationers, they prepared the area and with guidance created this living willow structure in a park for children and young people to use.

Living willow fencing, border dividers and beds

The living Willow raised bed pictured was made by a gentleman with Autism who works at a plant Nursery in East Yorkshire. This is one example of the flexibility of the materiel. From 6ft by 6ft fencing to delicate willow fedges, you can make beautiful items that compliment your garden. I run workshops in these between January and March.

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