Skills for Schools

Traditional skills in today’s society

Using willow as a medium in schools to create sculpture, basketry or other items is fun, challenging and will renew your enthusiasm in what your pupils can create.

Willow sculpture

Having run workshops in many schools sculpture is a firm favorite, these deer were made by the Environmental committee which has a representative from every year at the Woodland Primary School in Wakefield.

They were made by 12 children in one day.

A range of different activities

The Frolebian School in Leeds hired me for a week, everyone from the school had the chance to make something to take home and for the school to keep. They made this shire horse, a willow and greenwood throne, crowns, lanterns, basket planters for their outdoor garden, dream catchers and other smaller items. See my gallery for the pictures.

Living willow in schools

I offer training for teachers and between the months of January to March I will work with your school to plant living willow domes, tunnels, sculptures and more. living willow is a fantastic resource for children and young people but it must be maintained or you will have a small willow woodland on your hands!

You will find that your children and young people will absolutely love helping you maintain the structures and it will give them and appreciation of the work needed to maintain a plant / structure.

Activities for all

Whether you would like lanterns, sculpture, basketry or smaller individual items we can work together to create a plan that will compliment your children and young peoples education and physical dexterity while exercising their imagination and artistic perspective.

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