Weddings & Events

Willow sculptures for hire

I have a variety of willow sculptures that are available for hire for events such as weddings and special occasions. I also run Hen and Stag workshops, you can organise a course in willow sculpture of basketry exclusively for your group.

Willow Horse

Depending on what I have in stock you can hire a willow horse of two for your event. Delivery has to be arranged when you ask for more details.

Willow Arch

My willow archway is very popular, I will deliver it locally but if you live further away you will need to pick it up yourself. Price on application and its dimensions are:

The archway’s internal dimensions are: 190cm tall and 180cm wide.

The columns are 40cm wide and round so the external dimensions are: 230cm tall by 220cm wide.

The arch will transport in three pieces the two columns split off at 4ft high and the arch is one piece.

Pre-wedding workshops

It is a very common thing for groups to organise a willow sculpture workshop or basket workshop and some have asked for bespoke favor workshop. It is a fun way for you as a group to make something that will last and can possibly be used in the wedding its self. From flower baskets to love hearts.

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