Willow Fencing

There are many different types of willow fencing below is just some that I have made

Traditionally willow fencing is made during winter. However there are other not so traditional styles of fencing that can be made all year around.

Traditional willow hurdle fencing

This fencing is made during winter as a general rule, this fencing was made by Stamford Bridge in Bloom, I spend 3 days with them teaching them how to make it, it was cold and wet but look what can be achieved by a group of people who have never done it before.

I also make full willow hurdle panels that can be moved and fixed on site.

Bespoke willow fencing

This fencing was made for the National Trust property Goddards in York, the panels needed to be made so the beech hedging planted behind them received enough daylight to grow but so there was a clear fence made for the vegetable garden. The center sections of the panels match the brick patterns on the house and I made the gates to compliment the fencing and the house.

Something a little different

Willow fencing doesn’t have to be from the ground up it can be used to add a feature to your garden such as a top to a planter or wall, to edge a pathway or to create a raised bed. The applications for willow fencing are endless.

Show Gardens

Willow Fencing can be used in show gardens to give an edge to your design. It can pick out certain aspects planned into your garden and really help to bring your garden to life. This show garden by Oliciana Mosaics won a Gold Award at the Harrogate Flower Show.

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