Greenwood Carving

My introduction to greenwood carving was seeing items being made at re-enactments. I really loved the texture and smell of wood and the feeling of creating something with a practical use from a branch or log.

I booked on a course run by David Knight at Beamish on spoon making and later on a workshop by Maurice Pyle also at Beamish ( on hand bowl carving and making a bowl carving bench and have not looked back.

I don’t tend to demonstrate at shows anymore as there is a fine balance between not cutting yourself and answering questions that is easy to mis-judge but do run workshops occasionally.

My most favourite wood is Hawthorn followed by Silver Birch, I am lucky enough to have a local contractor who looks out for pieces of wood that might be appropriate for carving.

I have also dabbled with Pyrography, and will sometimes decorate spoons and knives when I have finished them.